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Ways to Improve in Skiing

Henry Vail II

Since 1997, Henry Vail II has been a private wealth advisor with Sucre-Vail Wealth Advisors in Houston, Texas. When not at work, Henry E. Vail enjoys snow skiing in Colorado.

Improving as a skier can start with good equipment and solid overall fitness, but nothing beats specific, purposeful practice for improving. Aspiring skiers should pursue skiing lessons to the extent they are able, whether the occasional private lesson or a multi-week instructor course, to build good habits. Those who attempt lessons and still struggle should consider taking videos of themselvses, as this can be a great way to assess and correct bad habits
Once one reaches a certain baseline of skill, however, the best way to improve is to ski with better skiers. Following and watching those with greater expertise can help an intermediate envision the sorts of moves necessary to become an expert. This is particularly true for the skills one struggles with, such as keeping a direct line or dealing with tricky snow.
Skiers who have plateaued on improvement should try getting back to basics. Sometimes, intermediate skiers lose their sense of position, and need to rebuild their good posture.

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