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Myths about Whitewater Rafting

A Houston-based Certified Private Wealth Advisor(R), Henry E. Vail II has been with Sucre-Vail Wealth Advisors since 1997. In his free time, Henry Vail II enjoys exploring the outdoors by boating and whitewater rafting.

USA Today has identified several commonly held myths about whitewater rafting. For one, many people believe that the sport is only for thrill seekers. While whitewater rafting does appeal to those seeking adventure, the actual amount of time spent in rapids is quite small, making it manageable for a person who wants to engage in the activity for leisure. Further, rafters can choose the level of difficulty of the rapids they choose to navigate. About more than just rapids, a whitewater rafting trip gives individuals the chance to appreciate the natural landscape and spend time in the wilderness with others.

People also believe that they have to be great swimmers to embark on a whitewater rafting trip, but most professionally guided rafting trips require participants to wear Coast Guard-approved life jackets and guides also teach rafters how to navigate the waters should they fall.
Finally, while many people assume whitewater rafting is an American sport, some of the best rafting opportunities can be found abroad, in exotic locations such as Patagonia, New Zealand, and southern Africa, giving outdoor enthusiasts yet another reason to travel.

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