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Devereux Texas - The Vocational Training Program

by Henry Vail II

Henry E. Vail II leverages expertise in estate planning and taxes to co-manage Sucre-Vail Wealth Advisors in Houston, where he and his colleagues specialize in financial planning for physicians. Along with his responsibilities at Sucre-Vail Wealth Advisors, Henry Vail II holds an advisory role with the behavioral health nonprofit Devereux.
Devereux Texas maintains a number of programs, including a vocational training program, for adults with developmental and mental health disabilities. Within a therapeutic setting, participants explore the fundamental work skills that are required to find and maintain a job, including wearing appropriate attire and arriving to work on time. Participants in the Devereux Texas vocational training program also work on respecting others, exhibiting enthusiasm for a position, and contributing to a team.
To practice their job skills, participants engage in initiatives like Devereux Bakery and Devereux Gardens. Devereux Gardens allows adults in vocational training to develop their customer interaction skills while also becoming knowledgeable about plant care. At Devereux Bakery, participants learn about proper food handling, product quality, deadlines, and customer satisfaction.
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