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Anthem Helps Fund ACS Breast Cancer Awareness Programs

Henry Vail II

With more than 20 years of experience in the financial planning sector, Henry E. Vail II serves as a private wealth advisor at Sucre-Vail Wealth Advisors in Houston, Texas. Outside of his work with Sucre-Vail, Henry Vail II supports several nonprofits, including the American Cancer Society.

Over the past four years, Anthem Foundation has partnered with the American Cancer Society (ACS) through $1.5 million in donations that have gone to fund the ACS’s CHANGE grants. These grants specifically target communities that are disproportionately underserved by raising awareness about breast cancer and educating them regarding risk factors, warning signs, and treatment options. Through Anthem’s help, ACS has been able to bring these programs to 19 different health facilities across the United States.
It is these vital partnerships that allow ACS to continue reaching underserved individuals in order to help reverse the inequality in breast cancer rates among minority groups, since these populations typically aren’t as aware of how the disease operates or how to look for it. ACS’s mission in this respect is to ensure everyone gets access to educational programs and cancer screenings.

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